Thank you for visiting our website! The Isaac Ray Forensic Group is dedicated to the pursuit of public safety and justice through the provision of high quality forensic psychiatric and psychological services.

The diversity of specialization among our Clinicians allows us to respond to the demand for expert services driven by court and legislative actions, sociopolitical developments and shifts in public attitudes. Conducting forensic mental health evaluations of mentally disordered offenders, assessing the veracity and quantifying the extent of cognitive and psychiatric sequelae of claimed plaintiff injuries, determining violence and/or sexual offense risk in the community, workplace and schools, addressing impaired professionals and students and their potential safety risks, and optimizing the selection of public safety personnel through pre-employment psychological screening and maintaining their fitness for duty are just a few of our services. Our aim is to continually stay abreast professionally and forensically of new developments in both mental health and the law, and offer our clinical and forensic expertise to our clients in a manner consistent with ethical standards.

We work with a broad range of clients :

  • The Courts
  • Prosecution and Defense Attorneys
  • Law Enforcement, Fire Protection and other Public Safety Entities
  • Other Governmental and Regulatory Agencies
  • Private Business Corporations
  • Hospitals and Professional Ethics Boards
  • University Counseling and Student Life Programs
  • Religious Organizations
I have the pleasure to work with a group of highly respected clinicians, including clinical psychologists, neuropsychologists and psychiatrists, who appreciate the role of engaging in both clinical practice and research and are passionate about contributing to a highly underserved area of professional expertise- mental health in the legal forum. I believe you will find our clinicians and services unparalleled, and I invite you to reach me directly should you need further information.
Isaac Ray Forensic Group, LLC • 65 E. Wacker Place, Suite 2240 • Chicago, Illinois 60601 • Ph: 312.621.9002 Fax: 312.621.9003 E: info@irfg.org