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Sexual Behavior Evaluations

Because of our clinicians' expertise in diagnosing paraphilic (sexually deviant) disorders, psychopathy and assessing recidivism risk, our Group is uniquely equipped to address the legal implications of and risk management issues associated with inappropriate sexual behavior. Our clinicians regularly conduct risk assessments and are certified in the administration and interpretation of penile plethysmography (PPG); we have an on-site laboratory dedicated to such evaluations.

Our sexual behavior evaluations are requested within numerous contexts: criminal and civil litigation; the family, workplace and Church; and governmental agencies charged with major social or regulatory responsibilities. We tailor our evaluations and reports in response to controlling laws and legal questions posed in a particular case, remaining abreast of any changes or additions to the sets of laws involving sex offender registration, civil commitment (sexually dangerous persons and sexually violent predators), child pornography, internet solicitation and cybersex, and civil and employee rights. Opinions and recommendations may entail treatment-related, recidivism risk and/or other dispositional issues.

Sexual behavior evaluations are comprehensive. They consist of the following subjective and objective elements:

  • a complete record review
  • comprehensive diagnostic and background interviews
  • comprehensive psychological and personality assessment
  • subjective measures of sexual interest/preference
  • objective measures of sexual interest/preference (PPG)
  • cognitive screening to rule out organic contributions
  • collateral interviews with families and others
  • polygraphy examination
  • drug screening urinalysis
  • formal (actuarially-based) risk assessment

Examples of Deviant Sexual Behaviors:

  • child sexual abuse
  • collection and dissemination of child pornography
  • solicitation of minors (direct and electronic)
  • sexual assault (impulsive or predatory)
  • sexual exposure in public
  • sexual harassment in the workplace and boundary violations





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