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Workplace Violence Evaluations

Workplace violence accounts for one in every six violent crimes in the United States, and has been referred to as a “national epidemic” by the Center for Disease Control. It encompasses physical assault, verbal threats, intimidation, sexual harassment, destruction of workplace property, off-site stalking and telephone harassment. In addition to increasing worker compensation premiums and liability risk for employers, workplace violence diminishes productivity and morale and increases employee turnover.

Employees who are negatively impacting, or are negatively impacted by, the workplace are referred for evaluations of their fitness and the potential risk they pose. Our evaluations include a thorough review of performance or professional evaluations, relevant agency correspondence including e-mails, voicemails and memoranda, and collateral interviews with supervisors. Our clinicians conduct diagnostic interviews and gather comprehensive background histories to reach swift determinations regarding an employee’s imminent risk versus more general fitness needs.

Both personality and environmental factors, actuarial and dynamic, can result in employee instability and risk for violence. Some of these factors include a history of aggression or escalating aggression, poor stress or frustration tolerance, poor coping resources or social support, impulsivity, possession of or access to firearms or other weapons, military, firearms or other weapons training, the presence of an active substance use, psychiatric or personality disorder, a marked change in or decompensation of any of these conditions, changes in level of interpersonal interaction or personal hygiene, changes in work productivity, designation of a specific target (e.g., a boss or coworker), and a sense of justification for the commission of a violent act.

We work closely with management and legal departments, providing verbal feedback on an ongoing basis during the evaluation. If an imminent risk is identified, IRFG works directly with a full service investigative/security firm to provide immediate 24-hour security personnel for the workplace and identified employees. Surveillance, escorts, security surveys of workplace premises, background investigations and polygraphy are available services.

If fitness issues can be addressed more traditionally, we collaborate with management and legal departments to tailor return to work plans that delineate specific interventions aimed at restoring the employee and maintaining the safety of the workplace. This may include anger management and/or substance use treatment, random drug screening, and specific workplace conduct requirements and expectations.

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