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Tracy L. Rogers, Ph.D.

Tracy L. Rogers, Ph.D. obtained her doctorate in clinical psychology from the Illinois Institute of Technology. She completed an internship in forensic psychology at the Federal Correctional Complex in Butner, NC, and fellowship training at the Boston University School of Medicine. She is licensed in Illinois, Indiana and Massachusetts. Prior to joining the Isaac Ray Forensic Group in 2009, Dr. Rogers conducted risk assessments and provided treatment for mentally ill sex offenders at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center, in Boston, MA. She has had academic appointments at Harvard Medical School and Boston University School of Medicine, and regularly presents on such topics as forensic psychology, risk assessment of violent and sexual offenders, and campus violence. Dr. Rogers is currently the Director of the Sexual Behaviors Clinic at the Isaac Ray Forensic Group and has become an integral part of the practice’s monitoring team for the Illinois Sexually Violent Predator Conditional Release Program.

Specialty areas of research and practice include criminal forensic evaluations and consultation to lawyers and courts contending with mentally ill offenders, risk assessment of sexual offenders (for both pre-trial and sentencing purposes, as well as SDP and SVP commitments), administering and interpreting penile plethysmography, school/campus violence assessment and consultation, and pre-hire psychological and fitness for duty examinations with law enforcement and other public safety agencies. Dr. Rogers additionally maintains a clinical practice, where she specializes in the cognitive-behavioral treatment of anxiety and mood disorders, and problematic sexual behavior, including offenders.

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